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Looking for Something Special - Problem Solved!

posted on 2011-03-14

I’m like most folks; I’m hooked on my iPod. Now I’m not an iPod elitist, I happy to accept the existence of the Android and all those other handheld devices, but…well, let’s save that thought for another time.

Mobile chat

In fact, truth be known, I could probably be described as an iPod groupie. My issues go even deeper, I’m an addict, there, I’ve said it: I AM AN ADDICT! My addiction: IPod applications. It doesn’t matter which one it is or what its good for if its out there I gotta have it. My iPod is full of neat little applications which allow me to do almost anything directly from my handheld device.

For example, being “green” conscious I was out and about shopping the other day for this really off –beat thing of a jig used to conserve the use of water into my toilet. I knew who made my toilet but little else. As I made my way around different stores I felt more and more foolish trying to describe to different salesclerks what I needed.

Almost ready to give up my search, go home and look up the information on the manufacturer’s web site I remembered my iPod. Hmmm, I wondered maybe I can connect with them using my Internet connection. Sure enough, there they were. As I began to try to figure out what I needed up popped this message “Live Chat Help Here.” Sure enough, all I needed to do was type in my questions, provide some description of my toilet, and within minutes I had the name of what needed, its part number, and even some stores that might carry it.

Really full of myself off I went to one of the stores and there without any hassles or problems I found my part. Live Chat customer service right in my hand, what a concept. I just had to find service and let them know just how cool it is. I later discovered that delivering live chat customer service via handheld devices like my iPod or even the Android system was a part of the services offered to businesses through

I did write to them with my thanks. Just a friendly reminder to you other businesspeople reading this blog, if you aren’t delivering online live chat customer service your missing out on a really important addition to your business. Check out.

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