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Sites that provide services need live chat

posted on 2010-11-21

As a website owner that does not sell products but instead provides a service you may think that customer service provisions such as live chat software are not important to you. However, the truth is that a sales relationship with customers regarding these products may actually be more important than you think, because while you may consider that you are offering a service to the customer rather than goods, they still want to know where their money is going and why they should pay. Therefore, providing an outlet through which you can answer their questions immediately by installing live chat software is equally important.

Take PayPal for example, the web’s largest banking service. While PayPal does not have a product or item for sale, it does offer banking services to consumers. If you travel to its customer service page you will also notice that it has a live chat option provided by a live chat software installation. The reasoning behind this is simple, people want fast answers when it comes to problems with the service, and the quicker the agent provides them the more likely they are to continue to use the service. The theory has obviously panned out well as PayPal is still undisputedly the largest banking service on the web.

With this thought in mind, if you are selling or offering a service over the web and hope to become a web giant it would be good to follow the same principles. Before any consumer will put their trust in a service provider or offer their banking information online they want to know that they can trust in the service that is offered and the provider itself. If you have live chat software installed on your website you allow the customer to reach out to you with any question and after obtaining answers they will feel more comfortable about signing up for your service.

When you open the lines of communication between a customer and your business you open up a new relationship that is likely to prosper if continued. Although other forms of customer support do work, in an environment that demands immediate turnaround; live chat software is the quickest and most efficient way to communicate to each potential customer whether you sell a product or a service. The truth is that you will likely benefit much more than you expect and since the software is generally cheap, make an investment that provides a higher rate of return than any other website improvement you could make.

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