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Live Support Chat for Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5

Installation instructions

How to add Live Chat module to Joomla

or follow instructions below

1. Download Live Support module

Download Live Support module for Joomla 1.7 here.

2. Install the module

Login into your Joomla administration panel and select Extensions Manager from Extensions menu - see 1 in the figure below. Click Browse button 2 and select mod_livesupport.zip file. Finally click Upload file & Install button 3 to install the module.
chat module

3. Enable the module

In your Joomla administration panel select Module Manager from Extensions menu - see 1 in the figure below. Next click Live Support Chat link 2 to open module configuration panel.
(joomla-1.7-enable-chat-module.png','style="margin-top: 15px;")

4. Login into your WebsiteChat.net account

Enter your WebsiteChat.net email address into field 1 and password into field 2. Next click Login button 3.
chat login

5. Configure the module

Select your Chat Button in left panel - see 1 in the figure below. Next configure it's Position 2 make it Published 3 and select page assignment 4. Optionally you can select Hide Title radio button. Finally click Save & Close button 5.
chat module

6. Test Live Chat session

Make sure chat application is running and verify there is a green icon app status in your taskbar which indicates the application is connected. Open your Joomla site in a web browser and click live chat button to start a chat session.

chat session

7. Enable Visitors Tracking (Optional)

7.1. Obtain Visitors Tracking JavaScript code

Login into WebsiteChat.net customer panel and select Visitors Tracking tab. Click Settings button 1 to open Visitors Tracking window. Enter your site name 2, it's address (domain part only) 3 and if you are using more than one domain name for your website add them to the filed 4. Click Update button 5 to generate Visitors Tracking JavaScript code and copy it 6 into the clipboard.
visitors tracking

7.2. Edit your template file

Login back into Joomla administrator panel and go to Extensions menu 1 to open Template Manager 2. Switch to Templates tab 3 and click on the link 4 for the template you site is currently using. Next select Edit main page template link 5 to edit your template file.
live visitors tracking

7.3. Paste Visitors Tracking JavaScript code

Scroll down to the very bottom 1 of template file and paste 2 Visitors Tracking JavaScript code just before </body> tag. Click Save button 3.
live tracking code