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Live Support Chat for Magento

Installation instructions

1. Install Live Support module

1.1 Via Magento Connect

Login into your Magento administration panel, click SystemMagento ConnectMagento Connect Manager 1. Next go to http://connect.magentocommerce.com/ and search for "WebsiteChat.net" module. Get the "Extension Key" and paste it into your Magento Connect Manager 2, click Install button 3.
install magento live chat

1.2 Manual installation

Download module here, decompress it and upload module files to the web server - see README.txt for details.

2. Enable Live Support Chat module

In Magento administration panel select SystemCache Management 1, click Flush Magento Cache button 2 and Log Out link 3
live chat for magento

3. Copy HTML button code

Login into your WebsiteChat.net control panel and click links link in "My Account" panel. If you don't have an account yet, you can register|link for free here. Now right click and copy into a clipboard the HTML code of live chat button. See 1 in the figure below.
chat buttons

4. Paste HTML code into Live Support Chat module

Login back into your Magento administration panel, click SystemConfiguration and select Live Support Chat Settings 1 in the left sidebar. Paste HTML button code into field 2 and click Save Config button 2.

5. Test Live Chat session

Make sure WebsiteChat.net chat application is running and verify there is a green icon chat status in your taskbar which indicates the application is connected. Open your Magento store in a web browser and click live chat button to start a chat session.

chat session