6. Visitors Tracking

To access real time Visitors Tracking click second tab in the main panel. Once this feature is activated, you will be able to see in a real time who is visiting your website, where your visitors are coming from and which pages do they visit.

Visitors tracking

Figure 6.1 Visitors tracking.

To enable Visitors tracking:

  1. Click Settings button (1) in the top right corner of Visitors tracking tab.
  2. In Visitors tracking window enter your website name into field (2).
  3. Enter your main URL into field (3).
  4. If you use more than one URL for the same website, enter additional URLs into field (4).
  5. Click Update button (5) to generate JavaScript code.
  6. You will need to copy and past the JavaScript code at the bottom of every page of your website, just before </body> tag. If your site has a dynamic content you can use a common include or a template.

You can generate JavaScript tracking code for up to 15 different websites.